IDC/Games announced today that Champions of Titan — a new MMORPG featuring MOBA-like combat — is now in Closed Beta. The testing servers are open to players who sign up on the game’s website as of today, with plans for the CBT to last a couple of weeks before rolling into Open Beta later this summer. (There will be a wipe in between beta phases.)

If you’re wondering if you’ll be able to play in your own language, IDC states that it’s currently fully localized in English, French, German, Turkish, Italian, and Polish. They have not stated whether or not they’ll be adding more languages in the future.

Champions of Titan is a Sci-Fi Action MMO in which humans flee a destroyed earth, relocating to the planet Titan. There, they find themselves competing with a cyborg race for survival. While the game offers PvE options, there’s a heavy focus on PvP content with the two factions fighting for control in battlegrounds featuring several gameplay styles — including MOBA, DOTA, and Battle Royale.

Now, for some of you who like to hang out on Steam a lot, this game might look familiar. That’s because it’s Insel Games’ Wild Buster reborn. Steam kicked Insel off the platform a while back for padding their reviews. Now, it seems one of the games has found a new home on IDC.

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  1. just of curiosity why does mmobomb even publish info on terrible games like this? There is plenty of gaming content to talk about and i feel like like mmobomb is barely on top of things when it comes to posting about gaming content. If you look at ign they always posting article, trailers, etc of games and mainly not the trash ones like this one for an example.

    • Well, you got Hundreds of people working for IGN, obviously, they got more manpower, mmobomb is I think 5 writers, Quintlyn, Jason, Mike, fridge and Zack, tho I think Zack only does the weekly news flash video. And it is relatively hard to establish yourselves in the News business especially around MMO’s with a handful big Web sites like and a dozen smaller ones.

  2. I’m not sure about this, looks very subpar and it hasn’t been advertised anywhere if the first time I hear about it is when it enters a test.


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