Tencent is bringing Moonlight Blade to the West, according to a keynote at Carnival Day in Nan-ching. YouTuber MMOJACKX57 posted a video of the event with the following translation:

Carnival Day place in Nan-ching , show new version update of Moonlight blade online , new dungeon , loli update , graphic and some change gameplay 🙂 . English server coming soon ^.^ !.

Briefly: 1 review of the activities of 2016. 2 content extension. 3 new character 【移花】(yí huā),The meaning of English may be the transfer of flowers. 4 detail optimization. 5 expand the ocean and land map,I guess there will be a naval battle system. 6 more regional server versions[KR/TW/EU/NA] 7 more activities under the line.

A Chinese speaking user noted in the video’s comments that it actually says at 2:02 that there will be North American and European versions in the future. Although the future part is vague, it looks like we can expect another game to make its way here.

You can watch the full video below. Although it might not make much sense to you unless you can speak the language — and there is unfortunately no closed captioning options.

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  1. i knew this will happens i played a few days on the chinese version of moonlight the game is nice to me i stopped playing because i was at the point where we need party to do some stuff and i dont speak chinese then i stopped playing because of that,but i think this game will come here like in the middle of this year i think revelation online will release for everyone before moonlight come here.

  2. i have 0 fate in the asian mmos. tried 10+ and all are the same and shit… with the exception of tera and b&s maybe, they are good but not more than that

    • I can argue that B&S isn’t good for just one reason:

      you have no gear, just a costume and a weapon that you upgrade forever

      There is no helmet, no chest armor, no pant, no boots… nothing. I can’t play a “MMORPG” where you can’t even customize your character.

  3. When was the last time a MMO in the western countries got treatment? Oh yeah a decade ago now it’s just eastern countries copy and pasting their MMOs into western countries. No offense but I’ll believe it when I see it.


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