It seems as though Transformers Universe has transformed into something new entirely. What was once suppose to be a browser-based MMORPG developed by Jagex, has now reversed its door panels and shifted its hardtop to reveal a brand new face altogether. In a forum announcement by Mark Gerhard, Ceo and CTO of Jagex, Gerhard revealed the project had evolved over 2013 and was now set to launch in the summer not as an MMO, but as a massively online, tactical action game, or MOTA.

While many might argue Jagex’s “MOTA” may as well be a “MOBA”, Gerhard says players will play as commanders, each commanding a squad of their own faction-specific AI bots into battle. These bots aren’t also simply nameless drones with a death-wish like in other arena style games. The squad of bots all have access to their own customization options and specialties. In the end, Transformers Universe is said to offer fast-paced, battle eccentric, tactical action with several game modes to choose from.

There’s little more information regarding the recent changes to Transformers Universe and how it actually plays, however Gerhard states this is soon to change. As Jagex prepares for its summer release, the studio will begin ramping up both their communication efforts and beta invites. Players have been able to signup for the beta since last year, but those who have not can still do so here.

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  1. trust me ive played the beta its all just PvP that it nothing else no back story no intro no character design poor instructions and constant death you never win and its a lot of waiting but it is still just in beta so it might get better

  2. Well I dont think Runescape is garbage. It has underfone complete transformations and Its a very lively game with different flavours. Its most social and seamless world in browser gaming. Well there may be browser mmos with better graphics but none gave me that feel , that variety and that connectivity. Though yes transformers has disappointed. First of all they gave no idea about it. First time I saw the site in 2011 or 2012 and it was written “coming soon 2012” In 2013 a beautiful website and a trailer that I thought even if not free roam this must be a deathmatch kind of game. Absolutely dead till 2014. Now “Coming soon 2014” Ah very bad but can wait if game is good . And then you say MOBA have fun lol. You took 2 years to create an half mmo and converted into boring moba in 1 year man disappointing. Very disappointing indeed.

    • I saw its rewind trailer and I think no the graphics have been improved greatly but I think the vest way to decide anything about it is get to play it. Not much about the gameplay is known. All trailers are more cinematic. Have to wait could be good also.

  3. I’m sorry..did anyone really expect anything good to come from the creators of that piece of irrelevant garbage “runescape”?

  4. Really? You cant just say your going to make it one thing then up and do another… do you seriously think that people who were expecting a mmo to just hop on board with this? NOPE cya i hope you get a fast moneyless painful death.

    • from worse to even more worse it wasnt bad it was worst than runescape (couldnt remember the name of this really stupid game).

  5. god f**king damn it …. dear game developers ..stop shitting the market full with lazy ass lame moba clones .. i am so sick and tyired of these genre …. it is alsways the same (dear dota and lol fans shut up) … there is nothing interesting happening … we now have next gen and what do game developers do …create games witch are lightyears behind current graphics …. have nothing new to offer …. god if there would be a way to rage quit a genre out of existence … moba’s would be gone in my world

  6. when I first heard about the Transformers MMO I was really excited. then when they announced some time ago it would be more like a MOBA I was very very bummed. customizing my own bot then exploring an open world environment would have been nice. now I couldn’t be more turned off by it. oh well.

    • i kinda feel the same, I’m not sure the new genre sounds as exiting, but I haven’t tried it, so I’m not gonna jump to conclusions or start cursing the game, like most morons like doing now days, like I said before, i’m still interested in it since it’s the transformer, although i don’t like the fact that half way though the developing process they went and changed what they were working on, it’s like they started working on a game before they knew what they wanted the game to be, hopefully it’s good

      • i am worried cause it is taking them so long to develop it and they changed how its going to be,so eather they didnt work all that hard and are not pleased with their work or they changed the game to suit the new “needs”,i am waiting over a year for the beta invite and will play the game to help the devs,since it sounds really revolutionary with the gameplay and its in transformers universe,which is hard to make a game for.

  7. I saw this on their forums, just because it’s the transformers(also because I’ve been waiting to get a chance to play it for over a year now), i wanna give the game a chance. Hopefully it turns out good… I would have loved for the game to be based on the old Transformers appearance, but from what I’ve seen that’s not gonna happen.


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