Since launch, Gigantic players have been expressing their concerns regarding leavers — players who bail in the middle of a match. Originally, the company elected to take a light approach to dealing with the issue. This was due to the fact that a lot of the earlier disconnect issues couldn’t all be laid at the feet of the players themselves. The game suffered stability issues and the developers thought it wrong to punish the players for that.

That’s all changing now, however. The game’s stability has improved to the point that the developers have a pretty good bead on whether or not players are continuously bailing on matches or just had issues with a service drop. In fact, according to a post on Reddit, the developers have determined through observation that rarely does someone leave more than 1% of the time but less than 10%. Those who leave matches most often tend to quit about one out of every six matches.

With this information in hand, the team has made updates to the penalty system. There’s a laundry list of things done to help with the issue, including increasing match connection times to 2 minutes — just in case it takes a player a bit longer to get back in after an unintentional drop. Match_AFK and Match_Left penalties now stack and can built up to a one day penalty over time. Don’t worry. It is possible to redeem yourself. Players who go without getting the penalty for a long enough time can get the stack to drop back to 0.

Of course, there’s a few more things on the list, and since it was posted on Reddit, you can check it out there and add any thoughts for the developers to check out as well.

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