Multiplayer Mech Game Mecha Break Revealed At The Game Awards

Fight in a world dealing with a mysterious disaster using specialized mechs.

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Mecha Break The Game Awards

Today, during The Game Awards, developer Seasun Games revealed their upcoming mech-based game, Mecha Break. The multiplayer mech game casts players in the role of BREAK Striker pilots working for the organization Moonbow. Set in a post-Catastrophe world dealing with the impact of supercharged particle flows on the Earth’s magnetic field, Moonbow operates globally to address threats.

One such threat is the “EIC” – scientific name “Corite”. EIC or Eruptive Inorganic Carbide is the end product of geological disasters. It appears as towering mineral columns and mines formed by volcanic activity. It also has high technological value and can be used in a number of ways. Since all good things have a bad side, EIC does as well. It’s a massive health threat.

To deal with this threat and others, including some more human-made ones, Moonbow deploys the BREAK Strikers. These mechs work with the pilots’ physiological indicators, resulting in greater performance on the battlefield.

Speaking of the battlefield, Mecha Break features 3v3, 6v6, and Battle Royale modes. Six vs six mode features three mid-sized battlegrounds, which players are randomly assigned to. A fourth map “Mashmak” is used by teams of three or six players. Arena Mode is the dedicated 3v3 mode.

The game's Steam page is up, too.

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