During the Fighting Games panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con developers from Bandai Namco revealed the upcoming closed beta date for their 2 on 2 Free-to-Play fighting game Rise of Incarnates. Set to begin on August 8th, the closed beta will run for roughly ten days before concluding on August 18th.

Namco conducted a Closed Alpha test for Rise of Incarnates back in May, which the studio says helped in providing quite a lot of feedback from the fans who played it, resulting in quite a number of improvements being implemented. The closed beta will feature a new stage set in Paris and introduce the new playable character Brynhildr, a cyber-cycle riding, lance wielding Valkyrie of sorts.

In the spirit of Comic-Con, Namco also revealed a new set of comics made in collaboration with Marvel, which goes into the backstory of how these individuals came to possess their unique abilities and why they fight. These comics are available to read online here, where players can also choose to signup for the closed beta.

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  1. My lies look like they may be bull$hit of the year. The graphics are GARRRBAGE and the customization looks to be nonexistant…Along with graphics but it looks pvp based and no one really plays those for longer then 5months or longer/Unless I perform fellatio on overweight men.
    No one plays those either, look at me performing fellatio on overweight men, then look at how many people play maplestory private servers. Hope this isnt going to be one of THOSE games where we NEED a passport to be in this country because I pleasure overweight men to enjoy it to ANY extent.

  2. At first I was really intrigued and then I noticed the slow movement and how skill animations seemed like unstoppable scripted actions.

    It really reminds me of Exteel, without the customization and fast paced combat. o.0

  3. they make the gameplay look so cool but when you actually play the game its complete shit,well sometimes who knows am just saying.

  4. I was ,,lucky” to get in Alpha…My computer crashed after starting the game…This graphics is really next gen…

  5. WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO Sanji, either he works for the company or he’s getting paid to tell lies. Because the game is horrible and a POS. More customization than tera what? Dude, early beta testing only lasted for 3 days and I was one to play it and there was no customization. In fact 85% of everyone couldn’t even play the game because of lost connections, not loading. Also what customization, it was only 3 characters to use and you couldn’t customization anything.

    The graphics are were horrible and only two resolutions were available, and anything above 1280x was unplayable at best. Controls are bad, only one map was available , there were no game modes, etc. The game is trash. Also its PVP, I’m sure hackers are going to take over. Don’t bother with this game , trust me. It won’t last long anyway.

    Also DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING FROM Bandai Namco Games. They always shut down their games without telling anyone until the last min. Ridge Racer for example, release the game, took people’s money and shut down the game and everyone was mad.

    • Just saying that it was alpha testing before. Like the beginning of all functional gameplay. -Sips tea-
      You know what I’m gonna say.

    • I think you need to lie just a little harder. It wasn’t an “Early Beta Test”, it was an Alpha, which I was in. There was a few customization options for every character that you unlocked as you played them, and speaking of characters, there were four of them, not three. The graphics were fine for an alpha and there were like 12 resolution options, both for full and windowed modes. And its not even an “Unfinished game”, its a reskin of an old, long running Namco Bandai Gundam game series.

        • The game is not your taste, which is fine. Look at it this way, there is a lot more popularity with Street Fighter vs Tekken, and im a tekken player. In a casual perspective the game is fine, in-fact better than more fighter free to plays. For hardcore players, it sucks donkey balls. I’ve already commented on earlier posts about this, i agree that it needs more modes and etc. But the actual gameplay is fine. An empty environment is what i don’t like, 1 bus and 1 small hill doesn’t cut it for me. its a basic fighter on unreal engine.

  6. This game looks like it may be game of the year. The graphics are on POOOINT and the customization looks to be even better then Tera…Along with graphics but it looks pvp based and no one really plays those for longer then 5months or longer/Unless you have cash makin it pay to win.
    No one plays those either, look at maplestory, then look at how many people play maplestory private servers. Hope this isnt going to be one of THOSE games where we NEED a private server to enjoy it to ANY extent.

    • On point graphics, customization and good PvP won’t make it the game of the year. Don’t even think about it, it’s not even near that.


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