Naraka: Bladepoint Season 8: The Reckoning Adds A Stealthy New Hero

Players will be able to experience the new content through the eyes of a deadly assassin.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Naraka: Bladepoint Season 8

Today, a new Season dropped in Naraka: Bladepoint, introducing a new hero as well as a new chapter in the game’s campaign mode, and a special crossover. Titled “The Reckoning”, Season 8 begins with the game’s latest hero Anicca waiting to implement a “sinister plan”. Players will be able to see what happens through their eyes as they take on their activities in Morus Isle and Holoroth.

The update also adds a new Treasure Scroll filled with items for players to collect. This includes a Windchaser Bow skin, a legendary outfit for Akos Hu, and more. There is also a new PvE showdown mode for both solo and co-op players. A week-long Showdown event even kicked off today.

Finally, Cabbage Dog has been added to the game as part of a special crossover. This comes with a variety of cabbage-themed items including a Cabbage Head accessory and the Napa Cabbage polesword skin. The latter can be bought in the game’s store.

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