Naughty Dog Hires Former Fortnite Battle Pass Strategist As The Last Of Us Eyes Multiplayer, Possibly F2P

Is there a battle pass in TLoU's Future?

Aspen Pash
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The Last of Us Multiplayer Battle Pass

Fortnite’s former battle pass designer Anders Howard has joined the ranks at Naughty Dog as they begin to create monetization strategies for the company ahead of the upcoming launch of The Last of Us multiplayer. Howard announced his latest move on Twitter where he posted a picture of himself at the Naughty Dog office in Santa Monica, CA. Howard’s LinkedIn also notes that he joined Naughty Dog as a Principal Monetization Designer in November 2022.

While there is no official confirmation that Howard is working on the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game, it can be assumed as much due to his official title as the principal monetization designer. There have also been hints that the studio is interested in having someone with free-to-play expertise on hand, that, coupled that with Howard’s past job experience working at Epic, where he “Helped form the core of battle pass progression strategy,” as well as introduced battle pass progression to Rocket League and Fall Guys, it can once again be assumed that a battle pass of sorts may be coming to The Last of Us’s new multiplayer title.

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