German publisher GamesInFlames has ported its free-to-play browser-based MMORPG Florensia to Steam. With its cute anime style, Florensia offers battle systems for both land and sea, allowing characters to level up in both theaters, with several different types of ships available, ranging from armored vessels to torpedo ships.

Florensia also offers fishing, guild vs. guild naval battles, and, for the traditionalist, land-based adventures and dungeons. If all that sounds good to you, head on over to the game’s Steam page or learn more on its website.

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  1. iicecube on November 30, 2016

    Wow what a oldie game been revived.. Long ago the game was quite interested for the population but now hardly i only see players and tracker shown 16-32 players in perk hours..

  2. rickshaw on November 29, 2016

    Steam = Bloated with gluttony

  3. cuck on November 29, 2016

    Just gave an hour+ to this game. Very slow paced. I like the graphics and art style tho. There is also no restriction for sailing, you can just go there and sail, kill the things on the sea and quest. But that that is a bit confusing because it seems like land and sea progressions are like 2 different games. I believe its better not to bother about sailing until you hit a substantial land level. From what i have read this game is p2winny but you can grind and buy cash shit from people.

    Ill give it another shot, its 2 AM for me, not the best time for slow game.

  4. Speedy on November 29, 2016

    Mman this game was what it first introduced me to MMOs, I remember playing night and day when I was a kid. Good times 🙂

  5. Onara Gorou on November 29, 2016

    I’ve tried it some time ago and recently again, I couldn’t get into it, let alone get far enough to sail ships.