PvPers finally get a look at what PvP will be link in Revelation Online thanks to a recent blog post from the devs. The post includes the video showing PvP in action, which you can watch above.

Specifically highlighted are world PvP as well as four other kinds: arenas, battleground, guild wars, and sieges. Open world PvP will be available to players level 40 and above. Lower level players need not worry. as a character must be level 40 to be attacked. More peaceful types above the qualifying level will have to worry about attacks but can take pleasure in knowing that by not fighting back they will cause their attacker to suffer penalties. Or you can avoid the conflict altogether by spending some time in “sanctuaries” where guards will keep them safe.

Arena’s, Battle Grounds, and Guild Wars are all PvP activities designated for groups of specific sizes. Arenas are small and consists of 3v3 or last-man-standing types, while battlegrounds offer a variety of formats for 10v10, 20v20, and 30v30 battles. Guild Wars are pretty much what they sound like and offer guilds the ability to fight it out in 30v30 or 50v50 battles.

Finally, sieges allow players to fight for control over territories throughout the game world, even participating in Aerial Combat.

More information on Revelation Online and its PvP can be found on the game’s site.

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  1. I honestly don’t get all the hype with this game to me it just looks like a super generic theme park that sports features that have all been seen before, anyone has some insight on what all the hype is about?

    • Becuase it seems to be hitting all the right key MMORPG elements. Black Desert was devoid of PvE content and Lore. where this will have lots and touts it’s main leveling system as quest based, if you want…
      It has pvp focused objectives that seem fun.
      It has nice class balacne and brings fun back into the trinity. IF you want, as there are solo dungeons.
      The armor run is interesting, a investment of time and not a “run to” thing as skill and skills are still important.
      NO INSTANCING! All open world ‘(love that).
      It just, again, hits the mmorpg nails on the head. Not going to excel in one thing, but do all things FUN and RIGHT. I was hoping this game come west the moment it released in China, but got Crap and Soul instead >:O
      So gald it is out now, and I already bought a founders pack.

        • Makes me wonder which games you actually consider good, games you actually have played that is. Cause from what is being released now (and in the future), this seems to be the only game that may very well be a decent one.

    • It’s hitting all the right key MMORPG elements it’s the reason why I’m all hyped for it. I wasn’t interested at first but now after this article I’m keeping tabs on this game because if they keep going and keep hitting the right marks I am sure this game will be awesome and attract alot of players including myself.

    • Open world mmo with no loading screens, large scale pvp (open world 2 daah!), air and underwater pvp (wtf), unique skill and character progression, some sort of pve arena, dungeon and world bosses with mechanics, lots of guild based content, WINGS!!!, huge mounts, and so on… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYGg-OfFQz8 check this video out if ur still not convinced

  2. OMG That is the first pvp I actually thought that looked cool in a long time. But hopefully this game will have hub towns and ingame housing and auction housing and other stuff. If it at least has ingame housing and more then 1 hubtown then this game will have me onboard as a player. But auction housing would be nice to.

    • That’s nice. I like playing MMOs similar like this with an ingame house. I hate it when the developer doesn’t wanna add an ingame house because not everyone want’s to only focus on adventuring only. Sometimes we just wanna hangout in the hubtowns or at our ingame house.


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