NetEase Games Announces Global Launch For Lost Light, Introduces New Map Expansion, Weapons, Game Mode, And More

Join the Firefly task force and unveil the secrets behind the Exclusion Zone.

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Lost Light Global Launch

NetEase Games has announced the global launch for Lost Light and debuts the realistic warfare survival game on Steam today. The release introduces a map expansion, new features, weapons, a game mode, and more.

In the dangerous Exclusion Zone, players can collect and turn in the required items to contain the spread of pheromones and try out the newly-added female Firefly operator on the battlefield. Those who contributed in past testing for the game will see a design overhaul to the Mt. Akiyama and BAF Factory maps. The former adding long-range positions for combatants and the latter with a tunnel toward a medicine storage area in the basement section. As for new weapons, the Vector 9*19mm submachine gun and L85A 5.56*45mm classic assault rifle are now available.

Weapons also have been redesigned with a 5-dimensional attribute system, improving the weapon modification feature to raise aspects of a gun however a player decides. A great way to test those weapons will be in the new game mode: Custom Lobby, in which players can customize game difficulty, practice, and explore maps at their own convenience. A new and improved Aim Assist system now allows players to lean a character sideways when firing, and there's death replay and observation mode when killed to round out the player experience in a match.

We've only scratched the surface with new additions and changes in-game, so be sure to read the Steam page for Lost Light to learn more or grab it on your mobile devices for cross-play.

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