End your Trove summer experience the proper way, by taking part in the never-ending fight of ninja vs pirate supremacy. Okay, so it actually looks like you’re be on the side of the pirates. But either way, you’ll walk away with sweet loot from both factions.

All you have to do to earn the Priate’s Pack of Ninja Treasure is visit Saltwater Sam in the hub between now and September 22 and complete specific adventures. Those who take part in the event can earn mounts, costumes and allies. One of the mounts is a map, that seems to function more like a magic carpet. But just roll with it. Oh. Speaking of roll, another mount is the Ninja Log. So everyone’s covered.

As for costumes, those are both pirate-themed. The allies look to be a more broad mix, including a ninja bunny and a throwing star.

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  1. Minecraft rocks, its not free but priced right for a game going forever, its also a game you never stop playing. jumping in and out. Trove had a lot vacancy to it and I never liked it much. it might of changed a tinsy bit.but, my time in a voxel world, is minecraft. 🙂


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