UPDATE: We originally erroneously referred to the bard as coming in the June 8 update. It, as well as the leveling changes, will be going live in an update later this year. Only The Odious Court content will be going live next week on PCs. We’ve edited the story below to correct this information.

ORIGINAL STORY: Cryptic Studios yesterday announced the bard class that’s coming in Neverwinter‘s a future update later this year. There wasn’t much information beyond a brief video and paragraph’s description, but today we got more info on the new class and the content that players will be enjoying starting next week.

Bards can specialize into one of two Paragon paths, songblade or minstrel, and their versatility gives them “one of the largest selection of spells and playstyles Neverwinter has to offer.” Songblades are masterful duelists and damage-dealers, while minstrels fill the typical bard-like role, buffing and healing the party and using “psychic attack spells and illusions” in battle. You can learn more about the bard class in the dev diary on the Neverwinter site.

Another notable change that’s coming to the game in the future is a revision of character levels. The max level in the game will be “squished” down to 20, which will help the game “to connect better with D&D” and put more emphasis on item level than on character level. If you were in the process of leveling, you’ll be set to 20 and receive a gear pack to set you up for endgame content. More details on this shift can be found in a blog on the Neverwinter site.

In the nearer future, Episode 3: The Odious Court, will arrive on PC next week, June 8, and on consoles July 6. It’s the final chapter in the Sharandar storyline, and will have adventurers traveling to the Dark Fey Mire to confront the hag Velma the Bonegrinder and her sisters. The update also includes an “epic battle against a coven of menacing hags,” as well as new bounties and new heroic encounters.


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