You have to hand it to Cryptic Studios. While Neverwinter launched still reeling from some major currency exploits, Cryptic has pressed on and continued developing content at a fairly rapid pace. The MMO launched with the expansive Gauntlgrym encounter and simultaneously announced its first expansion, Fury of the Feywild.

The module -which is apparently what D&D fans call them- will have players fighting evil mutated gnomes, defending Sharandar from Formorian Giants and teaming up with Moon Elves. All of this and a host of new features will be free and available to players starting on August 22nd.

Although not required, Perfect World has saw fit to add two new purchasable packs for players who want access to a new race, mounts, items and unique pets. Details regarding the more expensive ($59.99 vs $19.99) Knight of the Feywild pack can be found in the video above.

If you’d prefer to find out more information regarding the actual expansion then you can do so by heading on over to the official Fury of the Feywild site.


  1. Yeah I paid for this pack but I did not pay for the beta……Why did I pay because in my point of view I think it is worth it….if it is not worth to you why do you complain…sorry you cannot afford it if that is the case but I enjoy the game and hate to see people flame it for no apparent reason…The only thing you have to do is not play again and that will solve your dislikes to the game….

  2. For me, Perfect World and now, by relation Cryptic, are like children who never learn. You know the kind; the ones who always mess up and expect no punishment. The kind you just shake your head in shame at. Too many screw ups, too many bugs, too many issues. People suffer while exploiters get away with it and laugh like a boss all the way to the bank. The costs of cash shop stuff is outrageous vs. other mmos and this “package” content stuff is just outrageous since they –often– do it so that the only way to have it is to buy it, or else you wait a good while before you can buy it straight up by itself.

    Worst part is there are so many apologists out there that these developers get the idea that they can handwave whatever issue is upon them. Free-to-play, pay-and-suffer. From now on I’m not touching anything that doesn’t have a sub option.

  3. I would have preferred a subscription model, with an unlimited free trial capped at level 30. But F2P mmos like this one simply bring in more $ than traditional sub mmos due to their fast and furious sales.

  4. You all failed the moment you created the “free account”. They get cash by hits there first. Then log ins, then through shop and pre payments. Stop signing up for these games if you want to see anything change in the market.

  5. moon elf? really? what next? blood elf? dark elf? didlo elf? they could put something creative new playable race instead an another elfshit, every fantasy game, elfs in there, they could ad a race like namekians or something but no more elfs, 1 elf race is enough

    • Too bad that D&D is “the” fantasy game where 90% of other games took inspiration from, huh? They’ve had elves long before anyone else (I guess LOTR being the exception).

      Blame every other game who puts elves in there as an easy way out.D&D having elves is true to the lore.

  6. i payed $60 for this game at launch and all i got was a stupid wolf pet. meanwhile people that exploited and cheated got away.

  7. Why do people think the new race will cost $60? Yes you have to pay to unlock the Moon Elf race, however the packages are for OPTIONAL C-Store items, at a discounted rate.

  8. for 60$ you can buy 15+ legit games that you don’t have, but you wanted to try out, what i mean by that that steam have summer sales and quite a loot of games there have 50-90% off.

  9. Heres a quote from Jason@ MMOBomb

    “It’s not entirely Perfect World’s fault”

    Thats from the last Article on Never winter, so Jason I ask you this whos fault is it then. All you have to do is look at the asking price for this new pack and you know exactly whos fault it is….
    Its all Perfect Worlds wrong doings.

    Screw perfect world I will never play another game from them again after this and im glad this was the only game ive tried from them.

  10. well Perfect world is a Fools World to play any game from that company means to waste all your money .
    rather i save up the money and spend it wisely on a better company.
    i quit PW games before i knew it i saved enough money to buy alien ware desktop that i bought 3 days ago .

  11. Hi, my name is PWE please enjoy as we destroy what it means to be called D&D while I take all your money FOOOOOLS!!!!

    • It still makes me laugh that this game is continuing to be called a D&D game. This game spits in the face of real D&D games out there and abuses their namesake, Neverwinter Nights.

    • Exactly. My bet is they do this for every expansion pack.

      200 for Beta

      60 for this.

      60 for the next one after this.

      60 for the one after that.


      They are lucky people are actually paying those prices otherwise this game never would have made it out of Closed Beta.

      • Would you rather pay $200 to get into beta an $60 for a Race or have a cash shop full of weapons with crazy stats & OP armor?? Were else to you expect Perfect world 2 make money to upkeep the game? Which you get to play for free.. & your getting a new expansion.. FOR FREE.

        No one told you to pay $200 instead of waiting for the game to come out. An no one is telling you to pay $60 to play a new race.. But if you want to see the next expansion grow up an support the game.

        • Yes, because the only way a game can succeed is it either overcharges, or has OP Weapons for sale on a Cash Shop.

          You clearly know so much about all the games that have ever succeeded.

        • The issue isn’t price far from that i can pay 60 dollars for a great product, heres the issue developers that have free to play games like tera who offer loads free make you wanty to buy from their shop cause they give you soo much and you know what I wouldn’t mind paying supporting them if they did that, instead they hold you hostage and make you pay and know they don’t force you but “pay for convenince” is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

        • well congrats on proving your a fanboy that refuses to look at the facts.You refuse to see that cryptic focuses on finding ways to charge money then making a better game.There are still bugs that have been reported since closed beta and open beta.Then there is how cryptic refused to fix the astral diamond glitch even though they knew about it til it affected their cash flow.And then blamed the players for the fact that they took advantage of a exploit.Yet if cryptic had listened to gamers it never would have happened.It’s one thing if it had been an unreported glitch but it wasn’t so cryptic needs to blame themselves not players.And let’s not forget there are several bugs still that allow people to one hit dungeon bosses with the guardian fighter.The foundry which is not finished.As a long time DnD player I find it a half assed job that you can’t make proper adventure or dungeon with the foundry yet.But pwe/cryptic are making it a point to come up with more ways to charge money.

          You need to grow up see the truth and realize people don’t want to pay money for half assed products.But then your argument is that of a typical fanboy.You don’t mind paying for a game that has poor quality.I get it you probably paid the 200 bucks for the founders pack during closed beta.And it sucks to admit you got screwed by the devs so you become a fanboy and defend the crap.Me I admit I bought the 60 dollar founders pack and yeah cryptic ripped us off.Now I know not to support their games til they start putting a real effort into delivering a quality game.

          • Im not a Fanboy, In truth I dont even have a computer that can run NeverWinter past Low specs. I’m simply stating 2 things

            1. No one is forcing you to buy the New race, an no one forced you to pay $200 to get into the game early


            2. Your getting this game & expansion for free.. If Neverwinter really wanted money they would do what normal Free 2 Play games do & have you pay $59.99 for the whole expansion.

            I’m simply looking at it at a Producer’s point of view. They have to make money along the way since there not getting monthly subs & selling expansions.

      • People will keep paying if they keep delivering. GJ to Cryptic however your prices are outstanding for your product. Any fun in it is made by PLAYERS and not THEM anymore. And people are paying THEM. How great.


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