Let’s be honest, most of us MMO players hate dailies. We’ll do them, of course, but not without complaining about doing the exact same quests every single day. In today’s Dev Blog, Neverwinter laid down the initial details on how the upcoming River District addition to the free-to-play MMORPG will change the way dailies work.

As our player heroes are returning from hard fought battles against Jarl Storvald, a new threat has appeared inside Neverwinter itself. The River District, formerly the home of Neverwinter’s more wealthy citizens, has become a sorely contested area. A cabal of long vanished wizards have returned to try and stake their claim to the city. Lord Neverember has other ideas though and needs your help in reclaiming and rebuilding this portion of the iconic location. How does one go about this task? This is where the change to dailies comes in.

Both the campaign and the River District itself were designed with player choice in mind. To reclaim the zone, you’ll need to research and defeat each wizard in the cabal. The order you take these challenges on is up to you though. Playing in the zone itself is all about rebuilding. With many underground tombs, dig sites, and treasures, the River District rewards you for simplay playing in the zone. Taking on enemies, reclaiming guard posts, and even upgrading parts of the district all net players rewards that contribute towards your daily campaign progress. No batch of rotating daily quests here.

Check out the full blog post as we wait on a release date announcement.


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