When Heart of Fire hits the Neverwinter servers, it will include changes for each and every class. Granted, some are getting a little less love than others, but everyone’s getting something. Today, the Neverwinter team decided to give players some insight as to what’s coming in the class changes — starting with the two classes that will be changed the most: Trickster Rogue and Control Wizard. They also discuss animation changes for other classes, revamps of feat trees, and more.

The update will address complaints from the player community, such as issues with Scourge Warlock’s animations. And of course, there’s the quality of life fixes. These are minor things like Tanks now only requiring 10% of their stamina to start blocking.

Unlike a lot of Dev blogs, this one is actually rather short. The reason for this is that the dev team elected to break up the class change information into separate posts on the game’s forums. When you look at them, you can see why, as it takes several posts to cover everything. Plus, each thread gives players the opportunity to weigh in on the things that will affect them.

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