It’s been almost two months since the Neverwinter team did a dev stream but they’re back — granted, from their homes rather than a studio. As is probably expected these days, the stream addressed the topic of the game’s current release schedule, providing players with some insight as to where things will actually release when compared to the road map released in February.

According to the devs, players should expect up to a month-long delay on most items listed on the roadmap. That said, the first bit of content, Rage of Bel should be entering testing this week. Everything else will be pushed out from there.

Of course, the roadmap is not the only thing that the developers addressed in the stream. They also addressed more general issues such as whether or not players can expect cross-platform play (not on current consoles), the introduction of a new PvP mode, and even revealed that a new class is in the works. The whole stream is available to watch below, and if you’re curious about the rest of the roadmap, it’s just under the stream embed.

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