Finally, Sharandar Episode 2: The Soul Keeper has arrived in Neverwinter on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, just a smidge under a month since it landed on PC. As with most games where content arrives on one system a good while before others, the release is a bit of a mixed bag. They finally get new content, but is it really all that new if they’ve already watched the PC players work their way through it. Or… That console players can roll through the content more quickly than PC players because they had weeks to watch them do it and learn from their mistakes? Admittedly, it’s a system that works well for world first types, but for those hoping for something to keep them invested until the next batch of content, it’s less ideal.

Couple this with the fact that PC players were bemoaning the amount of content available in Episode 2, and it’s easy to see where the split distribution system isn’t great for players in general. And, while it seems unlikely that we’ll see a change in how this works for Neverwinter any time soon (for various reasons) it is still something that should happen — especially if content updates are to remain on the smaller side.

Of course, as one player pointed out before the update came out on PC, one of the reasons for a lot of things may simply be tied to “old tech” and the general issues that come along with it. While we’re becoming more used to seeing newer multi, or cross, platform games update everything at the same time, these are games that haven’t been around as long as Cryptic’s offerings and are running on newer systems. That said, it is something that might hurt them in the long-run.

Those points aside, if you play Neverwinter on consoles, Episode 2: The Soul Keeper is available today. And if you’re already looking forward to the next installment, Episode 3: The Odious Court will launch on PC in early June. Console dates have yet to be revealed. The Odious Court continues the Sharandar story, taking players to the Dark Fey Mire where they will investigate a swamp tainted by dark magic associated with the Green Hag and her sisters. There players will come across frog-like humanoids called Grungs and aggressive Dryads, while investigating the Odious court.

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