Cryptic Studios’ free-to-play D&D-based MMO Neverwinter is officially live on PlayStation 4 as of today. The game, which offers players the full D&D experience in MMO form, is launching on the console system with the base game and nine expansions including the latest update — The Maze Engine.

Neverwinter is available on the system as a fully free game, not requiring a PlayStation Plus subscription. More information on the PS4 version of the game can be found on the PlayStation store.


  1. But to actually log online don’t you need playstation plus subscription since PSN network requires a playstation plus subscription since they made PSN require it for ps4 devices unless you converted over to PS4 from a PS3 account? Kinda misleading then but also the reason why I quit console gaming long ago. Not gonna pay that fee just to log onto PSN/Xbox live servers just to play the game I bought.

    • No you don’t need a PlayStation Plus membership. I don’t have one and I am still able to play Neverwinter on PlayStation 4. Free to play games don’t require a PlayStation plus membership.

    • True, it is incredibly stupid from people to pay for internet two times. No no thanks, they can keep their pathetic consoles.

      • It’s funny cause you say consoles are pathetic, at least on consoles you don’t have to deal with cheaters and the sort, and ultimately fairer gameplay.


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