Neverwinter Offers An Early Look At Upcoming Combat Changes


Combat changes are coming to Neverwinter in the near future. But, that doesn’t mean players have to wait to get an idea of what those changes are. Right now, some of those changes can be seen in action on the game’s preview server. Or, if you’d rather not bother with that, a rundown was recently posted on the Neverwinter site outlining not just what the changes are but the thought process behind them in the first place.

According to the post, the dev team had five goals in mind when coming up with the changes: improving scaling, making things easier to understand, making item levels more accurate, making gearing up less difficult, and retaining the options for different kinds of builds. To achieve this, they’re making changes to ratings, equipment, companions, boons, stats, and more. Some things, like boons, are receiving minimal changes. In that particular case, they no longer give item level and stats are applied to the final percentage for better bonuses that compliment gear. Other things, like companions and stats have a whole laundry list of changes, more than we could possibly put here without copying the post.

That said, it is important to note that one of the changes being implemented it based on player demand. A high number of players requested that stat percentages be on their character sheet as a steady amount rather than having them change when scaled. Now rating caps are based on Total Item Level, meaning if a Total Item Level is 50,000, then rating caps that players have are equal to that.

If you want to delve into all the number crunching, then you’ll just want to go ahead and check out the post. Otherwise, you can check out the changes on the preview server. Instructions on how to do that are in the video below.


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