Neverwinter’s Storm King’s Thunder update is slated to launch in August, but before then the devs thought players would like to know what they’re going to be getting into. This update compliments the new content being released by Wizards of the Coast.

Being introduced in this update are three new adventure zones: Bryn Shander, the hub of ten towns; Lonelywood, and Cold Run. All three zones will introduce new quests, repeatables, heroic enounters, and more. The zones are for higher level players and it’s suggested you don’t go alone… Unless you really want to.

In addition to the new zones are a new 5-player dungeon — Fangbreaker Island — and new gear. Players can also look forward to new relics and some class balancing.

As we get closer to rollout, the Neverwinter team will be dropping more blogs with all the details on what to expect. These include:

  • The creation of our new adventure zones
  • A detailed story of the world
  • Class balance details
  • New and famous faces
  • More on Fangbreaker Island
  • Critter updates
  • Campaign details including boons
  • New rewards!
  • Several Art How-To blogs!

No date has been set for the next blog, but it should be out soon.

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  1. Still not announcements on bringing back the foundry…. this killed the game completely for me.,.. moving on…..

  2. closed world – portal based idiotism. true mmorpg is when u can reach (almost) everywhere without loading screen


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