Perfect World Entertainment is holding weekend bonus events for two of its free to play MMOs. This weekend, beginning August 3rd, players of both Neverwinter and Star Trek Online will be able to obtain in game bonuses.

Players of Neverwinter will be able to pick up double XP all weekend long, beginning at 7:30 am Pacific on the 3rd — or whenever maintenance ends. The event will grant players double XP from killing mobs, quest rewards, and invocation. Player companions can also earn double XP, even if the player character is already level 70.

Star Trek Online players, on the other hand, will receive double Technology Points when applying Tech Upgrades to their gear — reducing the amount of Dilithium that will be needed to reach each upgrade threshold.

Both events will come to an end on Monday, August 7th — Neverwinter around 7:30 am Pacific and STO around 10 am Pacific.


  1. This looks like as good a place as any to advertise..
    WTS Neverwinter Account:
    Scourge Warlock 8,900 IL with HB Fury (DPS) and Templock (Heal/Support) loadouts.
    Oathbound Paladin 8,600 IL with Beefy DPS spec.
    ..and a Lv37 Control Wizard. Tons of goodies; both 70’s have Wanderer’s Fortune, etc. 2 days left on Premium. I quit for Albion Online. I dumped some money into this game, but more importantly a lot of time. $50 USD and it’s yours.


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