Neverwinter is poised to receive its second new class in the upcoming expansion module “Tyranny of Dragons” set to drop on August 14th. Dubbed the Scourge Warlock, Neverwinter’s new class can serve as a dedicated support or main damage dealer through the use of powerful curses and controllable soul puppets. The new gameplay trailer shown above highlights a few of the Warlock’s special traits while also giving players a small glimpse at some of Tyranny of Dragons upcoming boss fights.

While the Cleric may heal their party members through the use of holy light, the Scourge Warlock prefers to take a more unorthodox approach. Through the use of their Temptation feat tree, Warlock players may bind their enemies souls with their souls of their allies, creating a link by which they may literally suck the life out in order to heal allies in battle. Auras and curses leave enemies weakened while allies benefit from their bolstering effects.

A more detailed dev blog for the Scourge Warlock is also available and there’s talks inside of a Hellbringer paragon path for the class which among other things opens the gates to the Nine Hells, a plane of absolute evil from which the Warlock may summon the demons within. Sounds like a nifty party trick.

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  1. not only this. the game now is flooded of item bougth from gold seller, so all the ench now stay around 15milion AD. All the item are bound, so is almost impossibile to get them whit farm, because no one buy from you in game. Another fail mod, prob the last one if they don’t do something for the 0 zen in game.

    PS: there toons of bug,glith and still hacker int he game. no one of glicth,bug and hack abuser got banned, even the people that buy item from gold seller dont get banned. Free to play as a shit play, that the new deifinition of PW f2p

  2. They’d prefer to add bandaids to cover up the problems of the game instead of actually fixing it. When you can effectively buy gear with money that is just sad. So many of the classes are freaking useless. Trickster Rogues got nerfed to hell, no one even wants Guardian Fighters since a GWF can out-tank them with Sentinel spec AND out-DPS them. There is just so much wrong with this and it’s ironic to see a game by Cryptic as flawed as this..when Champions online doesn’t suffer nearly as much in comparative design flaws.

    This game could’ve been done so much better. It could’ve been better if they designed it with a hybrid setup like Champions with F2P and subscribers. Why? Because with a hybrid setup, you’re forced to consider balance issues lest your community plummets. You’re forced to sit back and evaluate implementation of new features in regards to how it effects all tiers of players. It makes the devs think more.

    When you get something like Neverwinter’s system + everyone being F2P with no subscriber tier, the devs get away with not giving two $hit$. Less thought. Shiny new class covers up bleeding wound that is class imbalance, shoddy PVP and gigantic emphasis on cash shop for every aspect of the game.

    At least in champions you couldn’t buy actual gear with money; it was completely freaking cosmetic. Skins for travel and little addons and pets that did nothing except look cool. They didn’t let you buy combat gear with questionite! used to be cool..or at least better than this. PWE tainted you bad.

    • “It could’ve been better if they designed it with a hybrid setup like Champions with F2P and subscribers.” © Bic Boi

      Sadly, the only “hybrid” they’ve manage to achieve with NW, is that of a classical western rpg and shovelware asian social game.

  3. I wish if cryptic studio could’ve take care of other games, such as champions online, or even rusty hearts, i mean seriously, that game is like a money source to them, it was the best game ever! i did’int mean that cryptic shoulden’t take care of neverwinter, but the problem is that they focus and put the good stuff in just one game, and let the other games dying just like Champions online. With all of my respect Xryptic Studio, but to me i think most of your games.. well all of them is “money decides who win and who loses”
    Ps: Please forgive me for my retarded english, it is soo good that it will even cause me cancer 😛

  4. Instead of making new classes, the guys behind Neverwinter should be reworking the currently existing classes that have been nerfed to oblivion, such as the Trickster Rogue.

  5. Another generic asian crap, skill system sux, u need hours to google how to skill up ur char, all classes are the same just different skill animation, there is nothing from original neverwinter game.

    • You mean “Another generic American crap…”. The game is developed by Cryptic Studios, with headquarters in California. Guess not all crap comes from Asia after all, we can make our own crap, LoL

  6. Played neverwinter for 3 months after it was released and after seeing how pay to win it was I just gave up and quit.

    They still have unbalancing issues since close beta like the great weapon fighter is underpowered and the trickster rogue is overpowered…


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