Cryptic Studios has revealed that its upcoming RPG, Neverwinter, will be a free-to-play MMO experience. After being acquired by Perfect World Entertainment, Cryptic moved a little bit closer to the free-to-play market.

Neverwinter is now scheduled to the end of 2012 and will use the 4th Edition D&D rules, abandoning the initial idea of a co-operative RPG. The game is powered by a modified version of the engine that supports both Star Trek Online and Champions Online, with the former undoubtedly preparing its transition to a free-to-play model. However, content packs will remain free and premium content will stick to consumables and cosmetics.

Cryptic’s superhero MMO, Champions Online went free-to-play earlier this year and Star Trek Online is set to take the plunge before the year is out.


  1. well, D&D 4º edition is really bad T.T and abandoning the idea of a co op mmorpg, that mean the game is foqued in single player, and an mmo with 90% single player content is bad.

  2. Yea its so great that you got F2P now, its totally like you got access to everything amirite?

    Wrong, you get the crappy stuff for free, and even if you are a subscriber you still need some retarded “Points” to actually buy new and interesting things, or just for fun items.

    Getting some points monthly is cute, but getting a amount that barely gets you anything, is disappointing.

    If you like to spend 5x extra hours on F2p spending probably the same amount of money on the internet then you would have on the game.

    • I disagree. There are several good F2P games that you can go all the way without spending money. And many of the ones that do require spending a little bit of money are still cheaper than most subscription based MMOs.

      • There are few,i agree and play some,but still like 80% are just total ripoffs.The biggest scam i played by far is Battlefield “PLAY4FREE”. You only get one gun,I mean FTW. IT’S CALLED PLAY4FREE!

  3. Oh my goodness! With so many great Free to Play games, I can’t imagine going back to P2P unless it was for something really AMAZING. The last MMO I paid for I only played for about 6 months and ended up paying nearly $200 for it with the retail cost of the game along with the monthly fees. I totally regret it now that I’ve found so many good F2P games.

  4. I’ve played this game, sadly lost my account but this game is really fun. However, it is also really difficult. Not even DDO difficult, it’s harder than that. Which is a real blow because they also have a really nice developers kit which you can do a lot with.

    • I believe you mean you’ve played the Neverwinter 1 or 2 games, for PC. NOT the neverwinter MMO which is YET to be released -_-.

  5. I agree with you about restrictions.There are only few F2P MMO’s that i’m playing that have proven truly “FREE”. Rest of the F2P games are just a scam and player should always choose the retail game over them.
    As for this game only thing that bothers me is Perfect World Entertainment’s cash shop that has proven to be a pay to win factor in all other Perfect World Entertainment games.

  6. I’m hoping this game will be good. I’ve pretty much given up on F2P mmorpg’s. There are just to many restrictions. If I’m going to break down and pay for a F2P game I would just pay the sub fee for Rift or WoW.


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