Players who log in to Neverwinter starting today may find themselves wrapped up in a new cursed encounters of the third module kind. That is to say, Neverwinter has just released its third module named Curse of Icewind Dale which comes complete with brand new heroic encounters, a new PvE campaign, open world PvP campaigns and an additional paragon path for the Hunter Ranger class.

In a bid to promote more open world encounters, Neverwinter’s Heroic encounters and PvP campaigns encourage players to group up to complete scaling spontaneous quests and new PvP oriented objectives which thanks to Icewind Dale’s newly introduced opposing mercenary groups, allow adventurers to compete for new rewards across the module’s newest zones. Of course, Icewind Dale also comes with the usual instanced PvP and PvE content including a new epic-level Skirmish which pits adventurers against the evil wizard, Akar Kressell.

Throughout Icewind Dale’s Icewind Pass and Dwarven valley players may collect the mysterious Black Ice resource which is used to craft the MMOs most powerful gear to date, complete with your choice of corrupted or purified stats.

For further details on each of Module 3’s newest features check out the in-depth preview page here.

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  1. I love the combat. Its tactical, satisfying and almost too good for MMO rpg
    But game`s model is unfair and ruining the fun from pvp. While you`re not completely helpless against p2w character, you will definitely feel handicapped.
    If win/lose outcome is a matter of gear, that’s not even close to good experience whatsoever.

    • “I love the combat. Its tactical, satisfying and almost too good for MMO rpg..”

      You wot? Tactical? AHAHAHAHAHAHA..son, go into PVP and play a Wizard, Great Weapon Fighter or Ranger. There is nothing ‘tactical’ about the combat of that game. Builds are limited so much that it comes down to button spam and who has the better class in rock/paper/scizzors style.

      But keep telling yourself that it’s tactical. The very idea that Neverwinter is at all tactical does a disservice to actual tactical RPGs.

  2. I really liked this game when it came out. Max lvl’d. I love pvp so that was my goal, but you had to do some pve to get the good gear which was fun and fine. Pvp was ssooooo imbalanced. They didn’t change anything about Control Wizard and they were the most powerful class and still are…. I was excited for balance. Re-dl the game, played… it was basically the same. You get some lame penalty when you leave pvp now, BUT THEY STILL DONT REPLACE THAT PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!! So your team is screwed 5v4 then more people leave… game still sucks don’t bother… Sad this game could’ve been soooo good.

  3. Gameplay improved new class artifacts and a BIG Open map 10k-18k all in area having fun was a different day in nw I enjoyed 8 hours on 2 chars both pve and pvp two thumbs up ARC still rhymes with trucks

    The Red Baron

    • You aren’t absolutely useless unless you dump a ton into it. But you’re going to be at a significant disadvantage, especially in PvP. You’re basically never going to be able to make your character as strong as they can be unless you pour many many many hours into the game, or pay for it with real money. And high end mounts which are essential in PvP are ridiculously expensive, or you could just buy them with real money.

      But it isn’t awful, you can experience almost all Neverwinter has to offer without paying a cent as long as you enjoy the grind and can find a good guild because the matchmaking in the game is utterly broken.


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