Cryptic Studios dropped their newest class trailer and decided gamers wanted to see more faces smashed than in previous NeverWinter videos. Enter the “Great Weapon Fighter.” While the name may sound cheesy, don’t be fooled or confused.

This class is your typical 2 handed weapon class that most MMO players are already used to seeing. Designed for damage dealing and maybe some off tanking if your tank happens to hit the mat, the Great Weapon Fighter is slower than other classes but deals impressive damage. Attacks seem to be based on a standard “charge” type mechanic (i.e. hold a button to charge and deal more damage) but watching the daily ability and seeing a hulking character throw a two handed sword just seemed fun.

As we get closer and closer to actually getting to play NeverWinter, these trailers continue to showcase a nice blending of some mainstay MMO staples and some POTENTIAL new and creative ideas. Will Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment deliver on the hype? We’ll have to wait and find out.


  1. Classes in D&D 4th edition don’t work like classes in most other MMO, they have basic classes witch can specialize into paragon paths and later epic destinies . These classes we see them show are paragon paths. Great weapon fighter and guardian fighter are the same class just different specialization

    Barbarian is a different class that has a berserker paragon path so the nomenclature of the classes is well established and they are named this way for good reason , don’t judge things you don’t understand

  2. I was always a guy who always would take either a range class or a meele class with high dmg i rarely would take a tanky class so as soon as i get a key fo this game i will probably choose this class cause for me dmg is everything slow attack speed but high dmg pretty much balances things out so its all good for me i just hope this game won’t end up like raiderz.Anyways just gonna be waiting for tera to go f2p in febuary and for this game to go cb and hopefully grab some beta keys for it if mmobomb can give us any which will probably do cause mmobomb never let us down

  3. I like how they aren’t calling them the usual names. Then people don’t think its anything like any other game, Sure what we just saw has elements of the usual beserker class kind of gameplay but I can see this class being so much more then a beserker class. though this guy sort of reminds me of the AION 2 handed worrior class.

    • GREAT point! But I think if you’re going to use different names to stand out a little they shouldn’t be things that are so damn generic it sounds like you’re reading a class description and not a name lol!


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