New Aion Content Is Now Available In Europe

QuintLyn Bowers
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Aion update 7.7 has arrived on European servers, adding everything from new items for player collections to a PvPvE battlefield and an updated PvE dungeon. Looking at the patch notes -- which are available in a rather-nicely put together (but pretty sizeable) PDF, it seems like the update has a pretty decent amount of things to offer.

The new battlefield, Tempus Fugit, is accessed via the Underground Rift or Underground Fissure at level 80 and contains a landing site, ten zones, and three Holy towers. It also features Arokkan's Furnace and merchants offering new types of armor. As for the updated dungeon, six-man groups will now be able to take on a newly revamped Beshmundir Storm Temple and pick up new ultimate PvE gear.

The update also adds new glyphs to be used to increase character stats as well as a way to make outdated gear useful again by infusing them with Aether.

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