Something (or rather a couple of someones) is coming to Blade & Soul‘s Korean server. NCSoft began teasing a “new update” on the Korean site last week, offering only a silhouette of a character carrying something that looks suspiciously like the Buster Sword.

No actual information on the new content has officially been made available, but of course that hasn’t stopped players from guessing — and well… doing a bit of datamining. As Massively OP notes, Reddit is filled with players trying to figure out what the new class will be. So far, they seem to have determined that the teased class is a Warrior archetype intended for the Jin and Gon races. They’ve also stumbled across a possible Archer class for the Jin and Lyn races.

Of course, we’ll have to wait for NCSoft to drop some info to find out how correct the dataminers are. But, we’ll probably find out soon enough.

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      • He said it, cuz it’s truth šŸ˜€ Game with total population under 1M players through all realms counts as dead. And BnS never had such population in NA/EU region even on launch [Cuz most players lost interest after seeing most of the game can offer while playing private server].

        • NCSoft has public quarterly financial reports. lol

          B&S is their highest earning desktop title for the most recent quarter ($31.4m USD/33.89b KRW)


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