The final chapter of PlanetSide 2‘s Shattered Warpgate story launches next week, the culmination of an arc that started back in October and that we discussed with the devs in August. The factions battling over Esamir have built Containment Sites to harness the energy of the storms that plague the continent and use it to give them the advantage in their endless war.

The Containment Site facility offers “multiple stages of combat,” from vehicle-based fighting around the exterior to bring down the gate shields to multiple levels above and below ground in the interior with several capture points to fight over. Highlights include destructible spawn points, and electrical room that doubles as a death trap when the power is on, and even narrow vents you can traverse, offering “risky alternative paths to your destination.”

Chapter 3 of the Shattered Warpgate launches on May 5 and runs through June 30. More details can be found on the PlanetSide 2 website.


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