New Dev Update By Stunlock Studios Reveals Info About Castle Building In V Rising

"Castles play a prominent role in the success of any vampire."

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V Rising Castle Foundations

Today, Stunlock Studios published their latest developer update revealing one of V Rising's foundational elements: castle building. From crafting resources to commanding your house servants, your castle serves as a base of operations to empower yourself before your blood-sucking escapades.

As we learned recently, V Rising is launching its Early Access on May 17 following its ongoing Closed Beta. To sate the appetite of waiting fans, Stunlock Studios revealed more information about the customizable castle that players will build. It will be the heart and soul of everything you do in-game and hit all the marks of a proper abode for a wayward vampire on the rise. Stunlock stated that castles "are intimately tied to [the] progression" of the player since it houses a slew of "crafting and production stations" to make "deadly weapons, mix alchemical marvels, and stitch together armors and capes" to help you on your journey.

Even in the case of newly-earned loot, you'll return to your castle to store what you can and will eventually return as you rise from your coffin after an unfortunate defeat. But more than a crafting hub, your castle is also a living fort that you can optimize to secure your home. In fact, feeding it boosts its capabilities:

"When a Castle Heart is well-fed, it will be tricky for other vampires to breach your walls. It takes a resource-costly and targeted attack to break down even a single wall. If they can’t get through all the layers of defenses and are forced to retreat, it will be reasonably easy to repair– and more than that, any unbroken walls will heal themselves over time."

We've hardly scratched the surface of all the customizable options available to your castle, so be sure to check out the developer blog from Stunlock Studios and the trailer below! What do you think about the castle building in V Rising? Let's hear your thoughts about it!

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