That Bandai Namco/Counterplay Games partnership is already starting to pay dividends for fans of Duelyst. The two companies today announced an expansion for the free-to-play card game, as well as details on how to snag a bunch of freebies for the game.

Unearthed Prophecy adds 94 cards to Duelyst — 13 for each of the game’s six factions and 16 neutral cards — as well as three new tiles and a new game mechanic, Sentinels. When certain conditions are met, minions with Sentinel transform into a new minion with additional abilities. Sentinel cards are only be available for the Songhai, Abyssian and Vanar factions.

The three new tiles are

  • Lyonar Hallowed Ground – Restores 1 Health to friendly minions and Generals standing on it at the end of owner’s turn
  • Vetruvian Exhuming Sand – Summons a 2/2 Iron Dervish when its owner summons a minion from their action bar
  • Magmar Primal Flourish – Gives friendly minions standing on it “Grow +2/+2.”
  • In addition to getting a one-time bonus of 900 Spirit and three Gauntlet tickets for linking your Duelyst account with a Bandai Namco account, you can also get three Core Set orbs and a Bandai Namco Healing Mystic as a login reward every day. Both of those offers are valid until Aug. 1.

    You can learn more about the Unearthed Prophecy expansion on the Duelyst site.



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