Astelia Online might not be free-to-play, but now it’s got a spin-off game that is, and that appears to carry over many of the same elements of its predecessor. Astellia Royal launched last week and is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Studio 8, a subsidiary of Barunson E&A, and being published by Way2Bit, the same team that brought Astellia into the world.

As in the original, you’ll have Astels — little chibi-style angelic creatures — to aid you in a variety of ways. There are 35 Astels in all, each offering unique skills and providing tactical choices in battle. Apart from that twist, Astellia Royal offers all the usual content you’d expect from an MMORPG, include PvE, PvP, open world, crafting, dungeons, and more.

Judging by the website, there’s not much to distinguish Astellia Royal from Astellia, so it’s possible that the second game is more of a duplicate of the first than a spin-off. If you’ve played Astellia, give Astellia Royal a look and tell us what you think about the similarities and differences between the two!


  1. I have only played both games until the mandatory tutorial ends. They are so bad and boring that I could not force myself to play anymore past that point.

    I found them to be visually identical up to that point – same races/classes, still has gender lock. Combat is shallow, floaty, boring. Graphics are generic and boring, not bad looking, but annoying to look at.

    That’s it, that’s all I know about the game. I still have it installed, just haven’t played it more.

  2. Since it’s a f2p and it’s similar to Astelia online . Would it possible to see the comparison or review video from MMOBOMB? If I remember correctly, Mike already tried Astelia before. Maybe a cashshop comparison would be nice!


    • I’ll be doing a First Lok video on this version specifically, but in ways of comparison, I won’t be doing much of that…it is literally the same game with the addition of a dungeon, a zone, some balance tweeks, and open PvP…all stuff that could have just been added to the existing game in an update, so it’ll be more true first look JUST looking at the free version itself but I will talk about the history of the game a bit.


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