Well, it’s certainly been an interesting 24 hours for fans eager to learn more regarding Global Agenda 2. Yesterday, Hi-Rez Studios CEO Erez Goren fed the game’s official Reddit community its first bites of gameplay details regarding the sci-fi shooter since the title was originally teased back in 2012.

As mentioned in the three ‘spoilers‘ released by Goren, Global Agenda 2 will act as a ‘spiritual’ successor to the original, but the current design is only focused around 5 vs. 5 objective-based PvP gameplay, although there may be a central “dome city” area where players can hang out in-between matches. There also won’t be any strict class restrictions and unlike the original GA’s Medic class, there will not be any classes dedicated completely to healing.

Similar to Hi-Rez’s MOBA Smite, Global Agenda 2 will allow players to select “the way you want to play” before joining queue. Additionally, during a match players can improve their weapon and armor stats as they level up. In terms of payment models, Hi-Rez is looking to implement a purchase model similar to Smite, where players will be able to pay a one time fee in exchange for all gameplay related items.

Depending on how development goes, Goren says players could see the closed beta “before the end of the year“.

Ironically, Goren was soon after banned from Reddit -and thus banned from the game’s “official” forums- for promoting “vote manipulation” by asking for additional upvotes in order to release more information. Perhaps a lesson on why one shouldn’t rely on unaffiliated third-party outlets to serve as your primary community platform.

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  1. I personally think y’all sould just drop GA2 and go back and revamp GA1 that game was awesome, i’d still play it now if it was worth going back into, making something built around pvp only will turn alot of ppl away, but hey thats just me

  2. I played GA and loved it, game was superb, the problem was pvp map was totally unbalanced, they had 200% mines and factories with little penalties for getting all of them, then the coup de grase came when they would refuse to permanently ban the aimbotters, that ruined the game, you would report them and still they wouldn’t do anything about it, at the end legit players left and over half the population in GA was aimbotting, needless to say, I’ll never, ever buy a HiRez game, instead of working on the game and banning the cheaters, they just abandoned it, I started playing Tribes and newsflash, the same thing happened with Tribes, maybe they won’t abandon Smite since I heard is making them money but the damage is done, I simply will never play another one of their games, cause at the end of the day, they will leave you hanging.

  3. If they bring back the original GA I might give them a second chance. But odds are they wont bring back a good game, or at least not without screwing it up….. again.

  4. Won’t touch it, without fail they leave every game they develop to rot as the community thins out within six months. Every single one. They think if it’s not a billion people online a minute it’s not worth it to maintain the game for their community.

  5. “Additionally, during a match players can improve their weapon and armor stats as they level up.”
    *in coming rage*
    So Global Agenda MOBA. got it. Way to go Hi-Rez! you make quality games then TRASH them for the next thing. There was nothing wrong with GA1, you STOPPED updating it and caring for it leading it to die. Now you are butchering it and destroying the very game i loved… Atleast i can i can officially say ill never play a Hi-Rez game again.

    • 3 skins have already earned the SPL World Championship 277 thousand dollars. On top of the 600 thousand they already had in place, that’s nearly 900 thousand and closing in on a Million.

      This is their money maker (Smite is), they won’t abandon it. I think the whole reason they’re not going with a MMO like before is for that reason, they can potentially bring in another unique FPS/TPS that may not win over a genre, but that is popular enough to make them money.

    • The prize pool for the SWC is currently almost $1 million. I’m pretty sure that legally they can’t abandon something that monstrous.


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