The Alpha Test for Black Eye Games’ upcoming free-to-play MMO Gloria Victis is on the horizon. During the switch to Alpha, the Gloria Victis team will be implementing version 0.5 — a massive update that will overhaul the existing UI and wipe characters from previous testing periods.

Other changes include:

  • General UI overhaul including increasing the size of inventory and depot, as well as the new layout of NPCs shops with a buy-back feature
  • Reworked guild system including an in-game editor of coats of arms
  • Reworked buff system including constant buffs for controlling the towns and castles, as well as the first debuffs caused by weather
  • Improved mechanics of the territory control system detecting which guild captured a location
  • New NPC enemies
  • New locations, including an inn and a brothel!
  • Greatly increased performance
  • Numerous fixes and gameplay enhancements
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  1. Looks really good (the spear man in the customize your char makes meh feel like im a pikeman from stronghold) but i would love to see some indepth video about the castle and town building


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