phantasy star online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 players, mark your calendars. On July 26, the recently revealed Hero class will be making its way to the Japanese server. The Hero, an advanced class, will have some requirements players will need to meet in order to unlock it and, once unlocked, it will take a bit of work to master.

When playing the Hero class, players will be able to make use of sword, twin guns, and tails — even swapping them out in battle. However, this swapping isn’t necessary, and you can decide to use only one of the three weapons.

Despite the fact that the game isn’t technically available in the West, there is a chance to play the Hero. You’ll just need to play on the Japanese server using fan-made English patches. Just be sure to read up on how to do it before trying.

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  1. It very sad to see the USA region ever get Phantasy star online 2 after 2 years went by on the website plus now the Sea version is gone as well since (playpark) didn’t communicate with there community anymore permanently.
    These Publisher can’t management’s these developer games on the market.

  2. The community for PSO2 is super friendly now. I play with play with japanese players all the time. Though english may not be their first language they attempt to communicate when we party and as such i to try to use Japanese to communicate back.
    If no one has tried this game and is a fan of the PSO series i would urge them to try it. It is fun.

    I’m really wanting them to add the beast race from PSU, because i mean they already ran an event with Laia. Just give me a beast transformation.

  3. The game is not IP blocked -.-‘
    When the DDoS happened a few years back they changed addresses. Of course they threw a “heads up” to the ISP’s in Japan but, as it’s a game for Japan, they didn’t bother telling US ISP’s.

    Some ISP’s were able to find the new address and connect but others were not able to. If you can’t connect without a VPN then I suggest you call your ISP and see if they can fix it on their end.

  4. why post this supporting publisher for a game that are not going to release their game to other country except for japan also the fact that even with the English patch the jp servers are IP blocked and doing the process of getting a vpn is too much of a hassle. there nothing to do in the game no means of seeing the cash shop and dumping so many ours until you get banned for your ip against white knight players.

    • i remember how koreans and japanese players would report the foreign players and they would actually get banned, it was an awful experience.. they should have used that effort on reporting chinese botters instead of wasting it on legit players..

    • If it were true what you just typed out then Ship 2 the place where all english speaking players play would be a GHOST TOWN!


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