Secret World Legends‘ anniversary event is coming to an end tomorrow, so Funcom decided that now’s a good time to let players know about new missions that are set to arrive in the coming weeks. Well, somewhat new missions. One of them is new, and if you didn’t transfer over from The Secret World and SWL is your first rodeo, the others are new to you.

When the missions arrive, the new one will be a sabotage mission set in New Dawn titled “Public Enemy Number One”. Supposedly, it will tie up a loose thread in the story and it centers on a “mysterious assailant”.

The other missions… Well, unless you’re playing more than one faction, you’ll only get to see one of them. Thanks to Funcom paying attention to requests on the forums, they’re bringing back three faction specific missions from The Secret World. These missions appeared in TSW whenever it was time for a player to level up within their own faction and generally focused on the struggle between all three factions.

All three missions, Into Darkness, Venetian Missle Crisis, and Rogue Agent, have all been reworked to be compatible with the new game and are available to any player at level 50 who also meets the IP level requirements. Upon completing the mission, players will be rewarded with a new agent network slot, a faction-specific agent, and a faction-specific mask cosmetic. There will also be new legends and achievements — and for those of you who might have been annoyed by the lack of faction uniforms, there will be those as well.

Exactly when this content will be available has not been stated, but since the post says “in the coming weeks,” maybe we can hope for right around the end of the month?

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