Normally, we would have rolled this into today’s earlier PSO2 post, but Sega decided to wait until well after we were done with that to drop this bit of news, so here we are. Tomorrow (February 17), Special Breakthrough Training: Episode 6 will be available to play and new rewards and shop items will be added to Phantasy Star Online 2 as well. There’s even a quality of life feature being added to the game.

Special Breakthrough Training: Episode 6 is a VR program designed to train ARKS agents to take on Shiva’s defenses. The program has ARKS working in teams of 12 in an effort to take over 3 areas. Completing the program successfully will earn players rewards. Success means defeating the enemies in the final area.

As for the quality of life change, a feature has been added that will help players fill a group when attempting Quest Triggers. The developers have added a Block to the ship where players who would like to join a party to do Quest Triggers can group up. This will allow players to know exactly who is around to help them get things done.

Other content being added tomorrow includes a new summoner pet, the Vulcan S, as well as new Zig Shop items and new Badge Exchange shop items. Details on each of these are available on the PSO2 site. You can also get info on the new Urgent Quest: Armada Training – Lament while you are there!

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