If you’re looking for a kind of Splatoon-ish arena shooter game to try out, we do have something for you. 6 Seasons and a Game, is a new project from a team of aspiring developers, The Human Beings. The project is technically early access, according to the game’s description, and is the end project of what I think we’d normally describe as a game jam.

The game itself is a classic arena shooter developed for single players, online PvP, or LAN PvP. Like Splatoon, it has a paint element to it, and a collection of Easter Eggs as well as “meta references”. Since this is the early access version, players will have access to an 8v8 map where they can play one of a collection of unique characters. The opposing team consists of “evil doppelgangers.” It’s worth noting that the description doesn’t indicate whether or not these doppelgangers are another team of players or just AI.

All talk of early access aside, there is no early access fee to play the game. Players can hop in for free right now.

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