New World: Aeternum Is Looking For A Few Good Console Players For A July Closed Beta Test

You can sign up right now for their "Confidential" testing.

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Yesterday, the New World team dropped their usual Forged in Aeternum video and honestly, it went over like a lead balloon. Current PC players feel they didn't get much out of the "June" announcement they were told to wait for, and now they found out that they aren't getting any brand new content until the Aeternum version of the MMO launches in October. By the way, the team is working really hard to avoid calling Aeternum an "MMO" for what appears to be only marketing reasons.

Today, Amazon Games is looking for some console players to help them test their new platforms. New World: Aeternum will host a Confidential Closed Beta test starting on July 11th. This test will be on both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S and will run until the 17th of July.

Players will be able to test out some of the new content, including endgame content, but they won't be able to share any of their testing with the public. Xbox players globally are fine to sign up, but PlayStation testing is limited to the US, Canada, and a limited list of countries in Europe. You will not need to pay for the Xbox or PlayStation online services to test the game. This will be a requirement to play at launch, though.

While the console test will be crossplay enabled between consoles, PC players will not be part of the test.

If you'd like to try and get yourself a seat at the testing table, you can sign up on the Aeternum site.

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