When Is New Content Coming? What's Up With Sandwurm Rewards? About Those Hackers... New World Fires Up Q&A Again

There's content coming between now and the big update in May.

Troy Blackburn
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New World January 2024 Q&A

The next big update is coming for New World in May, but there will be some content releases between now and then. For starters, the new group finder tool is up on the PTR for testing. There's a new 10-person Trial coming, some new artifacts, the main story quest update is still in progress, as well as two solo Trials. They are also planning a Year of the Dragon event.

The team says they are constantly working on combating things like Aim-bots in the game, and work both internally and with their partner Easy Anti-Cheat to identify and punish offending players. The team is aware that there are hackers in the game and is working to identify and ban them.

The team is aware that some of their content, such as the Sandwurm Trial, does not give updated rewards. That and the Hatchery are on their radar for updated gear rewards above level 625.

As usual, the New World team takes on the tough questions and doesn't try to dodge anything. They've always done a fantastic job with answering questions no matter how tough they may be.

You can watch the MMORPG's full Q&A with these answers and more in the video below.

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