Dragons Rise of Berk

Oh, Canada.

In one of my random Google searches for free-to-play news, I found the headline “‘Free-to-play’ games can have real costs, in money and privacy.” I thought for a moment that I’d not set my time parameters correctly and stumbled upon an article from a few years ago.

Nope! It’s a Soundcloud audio file for CBC Radio from last Wednesday! The host, John Bowman, warns viewers for four minutes about the potential privacy and monetary issues of free-to-play games, even referring to and sampling the recent South Park episode. He also mentions the App Store’s recent relabeling of its “Free” button to “Get.”

Still, it’s precious that this would be a topic that people need to be made aware of in late 2014. I realize that people like you and me are more “cutting edge” when it comes to tech and games, but I’d think that by now, the vast majority of people have a clue about what “free” games are all about unless they live on the moon. Or in Canada. Or still listen to the radio.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. The photo is from Dragons: Rise of Berk. I love the game. Havent spent a dime on it and im closing in on lvl 50, out of 60 max. Simple time management.

    • I see F2P games as, free to try games.
      Where you can play a game for a great extent and have a more informed guess in order to decide if you want to invest on it or not.Problem is most of the time ppl expect the game to be actually totally free,made by the developer from heaven that wants to be paid in smiles and hugs.

  2. “Me and You” are still a niche market. The VAST majority still don’t understand the concept of F2P. Or get suckered into “buy this bulk package it will help”… for a little bit. Doesn’t matter where you live, moon or not, there will always be people who still need to be woken up and there will be people who feel they need to bring up to help spread the word and maybe, save people some time and money, especially when kids are the ones using phones playing these games. Now go get yourself some Canadough and write a better article.

    • Actually, 59% of Americans (not Canadians, yeah, but it was what I could find) play video games, and the percentage of that who play mobile games is going up at a very high rate. Many (I’d even argue most) of the ones who don’t are at least familiar with F2P and all its intricate parts.

      So maybe not “vast majority” understand F2P but I’d be pretty comfortable in saying it’s at least “majority.”

        • I don’t see him being racist. It’s obvious he’s trying to imply something, but ends up looking stupid himself, but I don’t think racist is the right word.

          Racism and discrimination are two different things, when you dislike some other country or its residents you aren’t being racist.

          People like you seem to learn 1% of the meaning of a certain word and tend to use it everywhere they see fit.

  3. Lets face it,since spunky left..at least i get to read ANY type of article on MMOBOMB,used to be 2-3 per week..no 2-3 per day,and i love it!


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