NEXON has acquired Ngine, the Korean developer responsible for the PC MMORPG Arpiel. No major details — such as the amount of money spent — have been offered regarding this acquisition, but NEXON did reveal that part of its motivation for the deal was Ngine’s in-house game engine and development tools.

According to a report on MMO Culture, the engine and tools can be used to make both PC and console games. Apparently, the company has also developed a system that allows them to effeciently develop games as well.

Currently, Arpiel is the only game on Ngine’s roster, but with NEXON involved, we’re sure to hear about more in the future.

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  1. Lystill on April 22, 2018

    While I heard of the company Nexon they really don’t promote their games enough. If you don’t promote your game enough. The player base is just not going to be there to support the game in the long term.

    • NameGoesHere on May 3, 2018

      Nexon targets whales, they promote by having loads of Ads that shows up in Ad services for Mobile devices.

      IE: some mobile game lets you watch videos to gain rewards or Ad banners on the bottom of the APP.

  2. Jeff on April 20, 2018

    With all that currency that Nexon has made throughout its life. I only see the sky as the limit. ^^

  3. Rea on April 20, 2018

    Arpiel NA maybe?

    • Curst on April 20, 2018

      It’s already out in Russia and it’s kind of a ghost town even though we’re generally more predisposed to like asian MMOs.

      Publisher is partly to blame (they don’t promote the game enough), but there’s also not enough content to keep people interested. Somehow I don’t think that Nexon could make it work better in the West.

      • Rea on April 21, 2018

        Sad, the game looks kinda funny.