Even if you’re a little jaded at this point — and who wouldn’t be? — hearing about a brand-new MMORPG from a recognized company is a welcome jolt to the senses. Today, NAT Games and Nexon announced V4, a free-to-play cross-platform MMORPG coming to Southeast Asia, Thailand, and the West for iOS, Android, and PC later this year.

V4’s features list includes six character classes and headlines like “Groundbreaking Visuals” (via Unreal Engine 4), “Boss Battles,” and “Never-Ending Fun” in the form of “limitless progression, teamwork, and cooperation.” So it might be best to temper your expectations until more solid details about the game emerge.

Those will theoretically be found on the V4 website, which currently just houses a brief teaser trailer. The Twitter account at least offers a little more in the way of flavor, saying that “To kill a demon… you must become one” and “Being bad… never felt so good.” We’ll keep an eye on V4 to see if it can distinguish itself and offer more to gamers than simply cross-play capability.

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  1. >Nexon
    Pick one. Nexon games are free-2-PAY, as their business model with any of their developed and/or published games cannot be played without spending money on them, even from a grind point of view.

  2. Who cares about what p2w-loving Nexon announces. x_x”
    I’ve been hopping for years for them to announce their bankruptcy, will be the best announcement ever from them when it will finally happen.
    I’m gonna celebrate like no tomorrow.

    • You seem very angry… chill out. xD

      Nexon sure are horrible, but you’re talking about them like they single handedly ruined your life. Get a grip, go work out, find a hobby, do something productive with your life.

    • @Urthemiel
      I hope you know that if Nexon would go bankrupt, that would also mean, that thousands of people who work for Nexon would also lose their jobs, leaving them and their families behind with no income. If that’s your wish, you’re really messed up.

      Maybe, just maybe you should get some help, if you wish things like this often.

      • @Bl4ckRange
        That’s fine by me, they will be welcomed by better companies out there.
        Talent is scarce in gaming industry, and it is wasted on Nexon.


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