Not that we were really worried it wouldn’t be, but it’s nice to hear it from the source. Well, from a site translating the source, at least.

Several fan sites are reporting the news as translated from a FAQ on the Korean-language Nexon TOS site that the game will definitely be free-to-play, along with a number of other Q&A entries dealing with character creation, advancement, and other basics. In case you were wondering, Tree of Savior will be rated Everyone, at least in Korea, so there won’t be any 3/4-naked anime girls in this one — which is good or bad, depending on your point of view.

Are you looking forward to Tree of Savior? Let us know!

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  1. This game is not made by PERFECT WORLD so it is not good game PERFECT WORLD make the best games always (this is my opinion) PERFECT WORLD an BLIZARD should learn from PERFECT WORLD how to make good game this is also a crap game

  2. yeah same chibi 2.5D games they have been releasing since the 90’s… just another copy/paste game company that relabels old games… no thanks.

  3. I will play this game, even if the publisher those chicken suckers of Nexon NA. That is how badly I want to try this game. Hopefully it won’t be 10 years before a western release.

    • Yeah they really messed up having nexon launch the game.
      I mean now the game is just gonna be Pay2MuthafawkingWin.
      Awesome choice guys. Not sure if I should hold interest in this game anymore.

  4. “Everyone, at least in Korea, so there won’t be any 3/4-naked anime girls in this one..”

    But my favorite classes were Assassin Cross and Dancer!!! D: Gawddamit.

  5. Ugh. Can’t wait for all the pay2win bullshit. Hope private servers happen right quick.
    Nexon has awful F2P models. Absolutely no faith, which is terrible because I absolutely cannot wait for this amazing game to come out.

  6. Nexon does have a history of free to play games so I can’t say I’m surprised. But wondering how nexon will make a profit out of this one is completely beyond me. Maybe it’ll follow the whole PoE schematic?


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