Business is booming for Nexon, which boasted of “record-high results” and “highest full-year PC and mobile results” for 2018 in its most recent investor presentation. On PC, the story was MapleStory, which saw a 67% increase in revenue for the year, while the mobile game MapleStory M was up 81%.

On its own, Q4 was a bit on the slow side, however, with revenues down 13% from Q3. Revenue from regions outside of China and Korea represented a surprisingly high 27% of all of Nexon’s earnings for the quarter, up from 21% in Q3. That’s due more to softer numbers in China and Korea than any other factors, as the “other” regions were up less than 1% in revenue, but it’s still a little surprising to see non-Asian territories occupy such a significant chunk of the pie chart.

For 2019, Nexon expects revenue to be down slightly in Q1, though “multiple mobile games” are on tap for North America, Europe, Japan, and Korea. In fact, the Pipeline chart is nearly all mobile games — 12 in Korea, four in Japan, one in China, and nine in North America and the rest of the world. The only PC games listed are three titles in development for Korea, including the curiously named Project BBQ, which was revealed late last year. It looks pretty, but we don’t think it’s about cooking.

You can view Nexon’s Q4 2018 financial report here.



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