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While we await the sure-to-be-intriguing NCSoft financial statement for Q4 2015, Nexon’s taken the initiative and released its own investor’s report for the final quarter of 2015, while also giving an overview of all of 2015. Overall, it’s good news for the company, though some segments performed better than others, especially in its home territory of Japan.

On a year-over-year basis, Q4 2015 saw 7% more revenue than Q4 2014, with a big portion of that being in the mobile sector, which increased by a whopping 48%, while PC business was actually down 4%. Even that big mobile increase has its caveats, though, as it represents a 34% decrease in Japan and 173% increase in areas outside Japan. Overall, Nexon revenue is down 32% in Japan from Q4 2014 to Q4 2015 but steady in China and up in Korea (20%), North America (49%), and Europe/other territories (78%).

Nexon Finanal Q4 2015

Taking whole years into account, total revenue is up 10%, from 172.9 billion Japanese yen ($1.52 billion) to 190.3 billion yen ($1.67 billion). Nexon gives numbers to those aforementioned great mobile results, while simply saying that its other new and existing games are generally doing well. For 2016, the company expects 20-40% YoY increases in North America and 70-80%(!) in Europe as it prepares to launch Riders of Icarus and “Multiple PC/mobile titles.”

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