Blizzard ended the speculation today at PAX East by officially announcing Blackrock Mountain as the next single-player adventure for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Coming next month, Blackrock Mountain will feature five wings and 17 boss fights, nine new class challenges, heroic mode bosses, and 31 new cards. Each wing will cost 700 gold or $6.99; you can preorder the full adventure starting March 19 for $24.99, which will net you a unique card back.

Hearthstone Blackrock

Dragons certainly seem to be a theme for Blackrock Mountain cards, as Deathrattles were a major theme in Naxxramas, and the final battle with Ragnaros should be legendary. We’ve only seen a few of the new cards so far, but they’re sure to have a major impact on the game. Are you looking forward to Blackrock Mountain?

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  1. I love Heartstone, i play whit a lot of friend, if people dont like it, dont play it and dont talk about it.
    These day people are really annoying !!!

  2. PURE PUKE, almost no animation, super huge size for nothing, looks like 10 y old game, shame, i see why so much ppl leaving blizzard

  3. I love all the people here, that says how P2W hearthstone is and actually never played it before or they suck and blame the game for it. I can’t wait for this little ,,DLC”, better start making coins.


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