Noir-Styled Survival Horror Top-Down Shooter "Hell Is Others" Launches On Steam In October

A mix between Hotline Miami and something a bit more sinister.

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Hell is Others Release

Hell is Others, an online, multiplayer, survival horror, top-down, shooter by publisher A List Games and developed under Strelka Games and Yonder, was announced by trailer to launch on Steam on October 20. The game will have a closed beta period starting on September 2 at 5:00 p.m. Central European Summer Time for those interested in supporting the project.

The devs describe Hell is Others as a “David Lynch-vibes game that features pixel graphics and a deeply compelling story,” putting players in the shoes of Adam Smithson. Adam lives in a tiny apartment high above Century City with a bonsai tree as his only companion. Though, just like everything else in the city, the tree needs blood to survive. Players will descend into the night streets to collect the blood of enemies to keep it alive, find resources, accomplish missions, and survive their ventures into the bowels of the city.

Stalking the hallways of Century City are the Others: players you can engage in PvP with to gain their blood and items. Alongside the threat of other players, there are unknown evils called "Things" who lie in wait in the darkness. Players can only hang around in the streets for a limited time, and those who stick around too long might lose everything they grabbed.

After returning to the apartment, collected blood will water the bonsai tree and eventually others you obtained from below. Outside of keeping them alive, they will reward you with powerful and unique ammunition like bullets that bounce off of walls. Other types of spoils from the night streets, such as apartment appliances, can be placed around your base of operations for additional perks and benefits in Century City.

As mentioned earlier, Hell is Others is prepping for beta testing on September 2. Interested players can request access on Steam and will get notified when the devs are ready for participants. Is Hell is Others your cup of tea? Let us know below!

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