Prismata Kickstarter Fully Funded

Strategy card game Prismata from Lunarch Studios will be going free-to-play later this month. The game has been in early access since March and carrying a $24.99 price tag on Steam, but on Sept. 26, you’ll be able to get into the game without a price tag and try out its fast-paced, sci-fi action for yourself.

Unlike most collectible card games, Prismata won’t make you buy card packs to increase your collection and power. Instead, all purchases are “completely cosmetic, with no card packs to buy and no pay-to-win items on offer.” It does look like DLC will be in the offering, though, with the free game being the “Lite” version that lacks the full five-part story campaign.

If Prismata sounds a little familiar to MMOBomb readers, that’s because we scored an interview with lead developer Elyot Grant all the way back in 2014. More recently, Prismata was in the news due to Steam card farmers, which temporarily elevated the game all the way to the #4 spot on Steam.

Presumably, the free-to-play launch won’t be quite as well-populated, but good luck to Grant and the Prismata team!

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