NosTale Heads Deeper Underground In Its “Biggest Update Ever”

Secrets of the Undercity introduces new specialists for each class and a new raid.

QuintLyn Bowers
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NosTale Big Update

Today, Gameforge announced a big new update for its anime action MMORPG NosTale. Act 9, Part 2: Heroes of the Undercity is one of the game’s largest updates and, as the title suggests, it takes players deep into the underground where they will uncover more mysteries and experience an all-new raid.

The update continues the story that began in the Secrets of the Undercity update from December 2023, where they met the Mullan race, explored the Western Mines, and more. Now, they’re delving even further into the earth to find the Techron. Players will need to deal with hidden gates, secret labs, and enemy traps. They’ll even take part in a battle against a robot factory.

To take on all of these challenges, players will be able to pick up new specialists. There is a new one for each character class. Among these are the Warrior Specialist “Stone Breaker” and the Archer Specialist “Fog Hunter”.

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